awlem mobile applicon



Mr. Majid Al-Qurashi


Ulm is a unique integrated platform that aims to raise the level of service to its customers by preserving their time and speed of service. With the OLM application, you will not need to wait any longer. Application features: 1- The request before arriving to the facility, whether for the internal or external department. 2- Deliver the order to the door of your car upon your arrival if you wish to do so. 3- Preparing the table with the order to be waiting for you upon your arrival. 4- Show the expected time for processing your order. 5- The directions appear on the map of the facility from which it was requested. 6- Knowing the facility when you came to deliver the order to your car door. 7- No need to wait. With Ulm, you can get to know the restaurants and cafes in your area and order them in a very easy and simple way.