Management of machines and operating capabilities

The program manages operating hours by adding more than one file to manage the machine if it has different speeds or characteristics with different operating methods, managing the power of the machine, the quantity of production, the machine maintenance dates for each machine, and alerts of the periodic maintenance dates.

All manufacturing activities of small size, medium or large size must have a machine management program because it is included in the indirect costs and the program extracts them easily as it limits the possibility of operation, the number of actual working hours and the productive power of each machine separately.
There is no specific number to add the machine account the user has to be added
Unlimited number of files for each machine
There is a report for each separate machine from the beginning of its introduction into the program from date to date, number of actual hours and periodic maintenance costs, as well as a report of the number of machine hours and production power for each separate shift
There is a complete report on each customer of the shipments supplied from date to date or a full report on the products supplied to all customers with a specific period, the number of hours of delay in delivery and the reason for the delay
Management of machines and operating capabilities

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