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Car rental exhibitions and offices have spread widely, and the business owner faces difficulty in managing the car rental movement and with the increase in leasing requests, things get more difficult. Therefore, the business owner needs to manage leasing requests in an integrated manner. From here came the idea of the DOTS program to manage the car rental movement, and in the following, the possibilities and characteristics of this will be listed. the program.

Program definitions are recorded, which will facilitate work on the program, and the most important of these definitions is the definition of (drivers - sponsors - customers - suppliers - cars belonging to the exhibition .....).
Once the car is registered and its condition is determined to be on demand, it is displayed in the program’s gallery where it can be leased to any customer who requests it by registering a car rental contract where the lease contract data is recorded and includes several items, the most important of which are (enter the contract number, the customer’s name and the type of lease, whether it is by the hour or Daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual and the period of the required lease -f. Determine the number of the car required for leasing and the driver of the car, if any, and on the basis of these data, the rental price and exit counter are determined automatically based on the previous settings entered in the car’s data and the exit date and time are entered The exit, the permissible amount and the cost of each additional amount, and the area of ​​use and the name of the lessor is determined). The condition of the car's parts can also be recorded at the exit so that a comparison is made between them and their condition upon return to load any damage or losses that occur on the customer's responsibility.
There is a complete file for each car from the time of its purchase until the current time from all its papers, model of the car, its type, year of manufacture and color. The car is out of maintenance to become available for rental again.
The program can be linked to your own short message account on any short messaging website and send short messages to customers ’mobile phones, and the value of the messages will be deducted from your account linked to the program.
The system has a record of receipt and delivery of the car or the tenant and the place to attach the record and pictures of the vehicle from all sides or attach a video of the vehicle's condition,
Car rental program

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