Best accounting software for travel and tourism companies

Best accounting software for travel and tourism companies

Most of the tourism companies nowadays need a tourism company management program, because tourism is one of the most important sources of national income for many countries, due to the foreign currencies it provides to the country most attractive to tourists. Forms of tourism, there is tourism (religious - archaeological - recreational - therapeutic - discovery -.....), and what this large number of tourists needs from services (hotel reservations - flight reservations - car rental - recreational trips - transfers - visiting tourist places The tourist cannot do it himself, it was necessary to have a large number of tourism companies specialized in one or more of these services that they can provide to tourists, so it was necessary to design an ERP system specialized in tourism, in Egypt alone the number of tourism companies reached nearly 19 thousand tourism companies perform a range of services between (hotel reservations - airline ticket reservations - organizing internal trips - Hajj and Umrah services - religious tourism ....) and tourism companies in Egypt are divided into three categories, which are category (A), which is a tourism company with A general activity that provides Hajj and Umrah services And internal and external tourism, and a category B tourism company that provides tourist transport services, and a category C tourism company, which is a tourism company that is only responsible for providing services as an agent for major companies. For foreign tourists, but it may be related to providing tourism and recreational services to residents as well, and with the presence of this large number of tourism companies in addition to other IATA parties related to tourism and travel activity such as hotel agents and the International Air Transport Association.

It was necessary to design an accounting system commensurate with the nature of the activity and to organize the financial and accounting matters of the various travel and tourism companies of all categories (A - B - C...).

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Definition of tourism company management program
Before we know the tourism company management program, we must first know what is the science of accounting: the definition of accounting as the science that is concerned with recording and tabulating financial transaction data according to a specific system in order to translate these data into financial information (reports) that clarify the financial position of the company (establishment) and the results of Its business from profits or losses and the communication of this information (reports) to internal parties (senior management - company departments - partners - shareholders ....) and external parties to the company (the bank - suppliers - customers - the tax authority -.....) and these include Reports (trial balance - general ledger - assistant professor - account balances ....) as well as the final financial statements such as (financial position - balance sheet - income statement - list of changes in shareholders' equity...).

It cannot be said that the best accounting program for travel and tourism companies is different from the accounting system of any other company, most of the main accounts are common, but there may be some differences that distinguish travel and tourism companies from other companies in the travel and tourism activity is divided into two parts

Part One: Tourism / which is all about reservations for hotels and restaurants, means of transportation and recreational trips for the tourist in the country he is visiting, and of course these operations entail expenses as well as result in revenues. These cases are individually accountable, and it is customary in tourism companies that these procedures take place between the tourism company and a tourist agent acting on behalf of the hotel to be booked in.

Part Two: Travel / which is everything related to reservations of airline tickets for the tourist to the country to which he wants to travel, and the subsequent procedures such as (modifying the date of the ticket - canceling tickets - postponing travel - refunding tickets ... etc.) and the consequent expenses and other operations It results in revenue. These reservations may be cash or may be for a period. All reservations for airline tickets are accounted for, and the tourism company does not make reservations on the airline’s website directly (Saudi Airlines - EgyptAir - Emirates Airlines ....) but there is an international website A travel agent that all tourism companies deal with, which is


This site is considered as a travel agent between the tourism company and the airline. It is the only credit account in travel cases. The tourism company pays the International Air Transport Association twice a month, on the 15th and 31st of the end of each month, with the total value of the tickets due.